Kinden Wooden Headphones Review

The first thing that drew me to these headphones by Kinden was the look. I honestly have to admit that I drooled over these for a long time. I thought they were simply beautiful with the polished wooden ear cups. While I have earbuds for listening to my music when working out, I was looking for a really good pair to listen to when I want to relax or just work and listen to music.

I struggled with choosing a colour. I debated back and forth between the light wood and the darker walnut. I don't think you could go wrong in either case, but the true ginger in me, went with the lighter polished wood rather than the deeper, darker colour.

These headphones arrived in a beautifully designed box with a dense foam interior. It would be great to give as a gift, although these are strictly for me. The box includes the headphones and an audio cord in a separate box. The audio cord is high quality. I haven't seen a set of headphones come with a cord like this, especially in that price range. Keep in mind - I'm not an audiophile - just an average consumer that loves listening to music. A lot. The cord does provide a nice length, so you aren't restricted with movement. The headphones themselves are made of polished wood with silver metal accents and thick black leatherette cushioning on the band and ear cups. The headband and the cups are both adjustable so you can get the perfect fit. I'm able to wear them for extended periods and still find them extremely comfortable. They do tend to get a little warm over time, but this is pretty typical for over ear headphones and not an issue for me. The sound on these is quite good. The bass is rich and deep, but they still hit the mid tones and higher ranges. While again, I'm not audiophile by far, but I do enjoy music and these had great sound when listening to my favourite songs. I usually enjoy a little more bass in my music and these were perfect. Not overwhelming - just really, really good sound.

These headphones do say noise cancelling and they are not. I find most headphones on Amazon say noise cancelling when they truly aren't. They do block out a good deal of noise, but I can still hear sound - which being a mom in a house with three kids, isn't a terribly bad thing. I can still enjoy my music, but if they need something, I'm not totally oblivious. So while at times, I might like to mute them out, it's not practical for me. That being said...if they say noise cancelling, they should be noise cancelling, so for that I have to deduct a star. Overall, I'm happy with these. In a house of five we have a lot of headphones around and these are my absolute favourite when it comes to relaxing or working and listening to music. While not noise cancelling, I can't hear the television or anyone around me talking when listening to my music. They look modern and stylish, yet classic and beautiful all at the same time. They're comfortable for extended wear and they sound fantastic. I actually love the way they look so much, that I have them on display in my bedroom on a lovely wooden headphone holder.

Price at time of review: $129.99

Star Rating: 4/5 Stars

*discount provided for testing purposes


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