Review: Barielle Nourishing Nail Mask - Just $1.00!!

To be honest, I kind of ordered these nail masks as an afterthought. I was on the Shop Miss A website ordering a couple of new lipsticks and a few stocking stuffers when saw these under the New Products section. Since I have dry cuticles and dry skin all around my nails, which just gets worse as the cold weather approaches, I thought these might be interesting to try out.

If you're not familiar with Shop Miss A, it's a website that sells most items for $1.00 US. They have a ton of makeup and beauty products as well as typical dollar store items such as jewelry, hair doodads, scarfs and the like. There's been a fair amount of buzz around their own makeup brand which is AOA Studios because they have a lot of decent products for the price. I've been debating doing a full review on some of their makeup, so let me know if you would be interested in seeing a full face of their makeup. Now on to the review!

Packaging & Price

The fingernail masks come in a pretty basic sealed, lined package - typical with what you would find a face sheet mask in, to help keep in the moisture. The packaging states they are made in Korea. A quick look at the ingredients list shows that they contain mineral oil, glycerin, argan and coconut oils and a entire array of various fruit and seed oils. When I first opened the package the masks felt damp, but not sopping wet like sheet masks usually are. The smell was faint, not overpowering. at all.

The instructions basically say to wash your hands, separate all the finger masks and wear them for 30-60 minutes. One side of the mask was shorter and felt more cloth/cotton like and the other side was quite longer and had a bit of a plasticy feel to it. They looked different from what was shown on the front of the package and also from what was shown on the back with the instructions. There was nothing stating which way these were supposed to go on your fingers. I tried them on both ways and they actually felt more comfortable with the longer portion in the front, so that's how I put them on. Once I sat down to leave these on for the full hour, I realized that the plasticy, longer side goes on the pads of the fingers so that you don't transfer any dampness to whatever you might touch.


I wasn't expecting much with these, because honestly, they didn't feel that wet inside. I pressed the mask against my nails and cuticles a few times just to make sure there was contact and the product inside was getting where it was supposed to, but honestly it just felt too dry to work. The masks did stay on my fingers okay, but I was really limited in movement obviously. If I tried to touch anything, they did turn around or fall off. I just went with it and watched a movie and relaxed for the hour.

I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised when I took them off. My cuticles and fingernails looked hydrated and moisturized. I rubbed the remaining product into my nails and cuticles. I was very happy with the way my fingers's the same feeling you have when you take a sheet mask off of your face and it feels fresh and hydrated. Even so, I was still a little skeptical. I figured after I washed my hands a couple of times they might start looking dry again. I was expecting the results to not last long at all, but I was wrong. I've washed my hair and washed my hands a lot of times and over a day and a half later, they still look so much better than they did before. For the price of $1.00 US, I would highly recommend these if you have dry cuticles and fingertips like I do. You can find the Barielle Fingernail Masks HERE.

Barielle Fingernail Masks rating: 5/5

This post is not sponsored, nor does it contain affiliate or monetized links. I link through to good and bad products, so all opinions and reviews are honest and my own.

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