Review: Makeup Revolution The Emily Edit - The Wants Palette

There's been a lot of buzz around the release of The Emily Edit palettes, which has included a mold/quality control scandal, a YouTube scandal among gurus and supply and demand issues.. The palettes are a collaboration between Makeup Revolution (aka Revolution Beauty) and beauty Youtuber Emily Noel.

If you're not familiar with Emily Noel, she's a beloved member of the Youtube beauty community and is known for giving low key, honest reviews. Her channel is not filled with drama and she's not over the top to say the least. Many have felt a collaboration was a long time coming for her and fans are fiercely loyal. I'm not going to get into all the drama here, we'll deal strictly with the palette and it's performance. I will touch on the mold/quality control issue though, since that is relevant to the palette itself.

A small amount of palettes were reported to have mold in some of the shades. Makeup Revolution investigated and determined it was a very, very small amount of palettes that were affected and it was related to a transportation issue. To be clear, my palette was fine and I've not noticed any issues at all.

Makeup Revolution and Emily Noel released two palettes simultaneously:

The Needs - a smaller palette that has everything you need together - six eyeshadows, an under-eye setting powder, contour/bronzer, blush and highlight.

The Wants - a much larger palette which contains a variety of eyeshadows, from mattes to shimmers and neutral transitions to bright pops of colour.

For this review, I'll focus just on The Wants. You can read my review and see my wear test on The Needs HERE.


The Wants comes in a large, light peach palette with Emily's signature in rose gold. The inside features a full sized good quality mirror which is HUGE. The palette contains 24 diverse shades in a variety of finishes from mattes, to satins to shimmers.

Shades, Swatches & Thoughts

First Row

The Cream - is a white cream shade with a matte finish. This is a very light shade and doesn't show up very well on my pale skin. I used this as a base colour to set my eyshadow primer but it can also be used as a brow highlight if you prefer a basic matte highlight.

Hobby - is a light brown with a matte finish. This makes a nice transition shade that works with many looks.

Prayer - is a sepia brown with a matte finish. I really like the tone of this and it would work in the crease, on the lid or outer corner if you're doing a simple, everyday look.

Grateful - is a lime green with a shimmer finish. This doesn't have a lot of 'oomph' on my pale skin, but it's a lovely colour.

Good Vibes - is a rich copper shade with a shimmer finish. This really popped for me and has to be one of my favourite shades in the palette. It's quite pigmented and packs a punch. It's more of a reddish toned copper which I really enjoy and is great for making blue eyes pop when used on the lid. As with most Revolution shimmers, use your finger to really get the true colour of this.

Side Hustle - is a khaki green with a gold shift to it. This has a shimmer finish. Not as much punch as Good Vibes, but it's a very pretty colour.


Second Row

Midwest - is a light warm toned tan with a matte finish. This is another colour I love mostly because I love warm toned shadows. This paired with Dues Paid is a winning combo for a nice warm eye look.

Dues Paid - is a red brick shade with a matte finish. One of my favourites as I stated above because it's a beautiful terra cotta shade, which I tend to lean towards. Quite pigmented and lovely for a fall look.

Eve Rose - is a light lilac with a gold shift to it. This shadow has a shimmer finish. This is a very light colour and doesn't show well on my pale skin. It does have a pretty shimmer/shift effect to it, but isn't a colour that I generally personally use. You can really see the pink tone in it and the pretty gold shift with movement.

Belle Violet - is a lavender with a shimmer finish. This is deeper than Eve Rose and has more of a true purple tone to it. They would look lovely together, but again...I just don't lean towards these shades.

Capricorn - is a mocha brown with a satin finish. Great on the outer corner since this is a deeper toned shadow.

Pi Phi - is a plum/wine purple with a matte finish. This was a little patchy to try and swatch and it was a little difficult to work with on the lids as well. It's a very pretty colour, but add a little at a time and really work on blending.

3rd Row

Oh Heavens! - is a beige cream shadow with a satin finish. This is another colour that doesn't pop at all in the swatch because I'm so pale. I used this shade as an inner corner highlight and under the brow bone, but it can be used as a face highlight as well. Because I'm so pale, I had to pop a little of my usual highlighter over top to really make it a highlight for me.

Love Tons - is a rich berry shade with a matte finish. This is a beautiful pop of colour in the palette.

Pizzazz - is a maroon purple with a shimmer finish. This is such a pretty colour to apply all over the lid and blend up into the crease for a quick look.

Family - is a deep purple with a matte finish. The deeper shade will work well to accent many of the shades in the palette and provide a pop of rich colour.

Top Story - is a gold with a shimmer finish. This is one of those colours that you swatch and say, 'wow...'. It's very pigmented and is simply stunning. One of my favourite shades in the palette. Again, like most Revolution shimmers apply with your finger (or wet) if you want that true punch of colour. Keep in mind this won't compare to shimmers in higher end palettes, but they apply nicely and won't overwhelm a beginner. It also keeps them day look and work appropriate.

Apartment - is a wood brown with a matte finish. Such a pretty brown shade and it accents Top Story nicely. Great for the outer corner and as a liner shade.

4th Row

Cupcake - is a peach with a satin finish. This is just a stunning shade and one of my favourites as well. It just has such a beautiful finish to it. It says satin, but it almost seems to have a shimmer shift to it. Easy to apply to the lids and gorgeous!

Laughcry - is a soft blood orange shade with a matte finish. A pretty colour that easily works in the crease or on the lid. I paired this with Cupcake and it was beautiful.

Cheer - is a maroon/red with a matte finish. A great accent colour to help make your eye look pop.

Heartbeat - is a chestnut with a shimmer finish. This was the hardest to swatch. It came out very patchy and the colour comes off much different than it looks in the palette. I would suggest swatching this before using it with your look to make sure it's the tone you're going for.

Corduroy - is an emerald green with a matte finish. The shade swatched with good pigment but looked patchy. Extra blending with this shade is required.

Dark & Early - is a black with a matte finish. Swatching this, it doesn't seem very black or very pigmented, but I used this as a liner a few times and it worked out very well for me. Remember, sometimes a bad swatch can turn into a very nice shadow on the eyes (and vice versa).


Overall, most of the shades performed well. The palette can be used to create many looks that are wearable, beautiful everyday looks as well as deeper, more intense looks. As I do with all my shadows and makeup looks, I did use a primer (Wet 'n Wild Photofocus Eyeshadow Primer) and set my look with a setting spray (NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray). I've heard complaints of the shadows fading quickly, but I didn't experience that with any of the looks I did. I would highly recommend a primer though as that may have been what worked.

Most of the shades were buildable and blended out pretty well. There was a little kickback, but that doesn't really bother me. I had minimal fallout, which to me is more important than kickback. While most of the shades performed well, there were a few that didn't give me the colour payout I wanted and they were difficult to blend. In particular I did a look using Love Tons, Pizzazz and Pi Phi and the look wound up a bit muddy. I struggled to build and blend, but it just wouldn't do what I wanted to do, so I would be aware of what shades are used together. The overall look wasn't horrible by far, but it wasn't what I was hoping for. No matter what shades I used, they did last all day long with no creasing and no fading. As with The Needs palette, I made sure I did an all day wear test - wearing them for a full eight hours and they still looked good at the end of the day. Although I didn't use every single shade in this palette, I used as many as I could. I did four full looks with this palette, which I will be posting shortly. I felt I had good makeup days three out of those four days, although that one day I wasn't happy, also had to do with the colour choices I used. I stepped out of my comfort zone and used colours I normally don't (and that don't particularly look good with my colouring), just so I could test out additional shades.

Final Thoughts

Would I recommend this palette? This is a tough question. Would I recommend this to someone that was experienced and used mostly high end makeup. Probably not. Would I recommend this to someone on a budget or a beginner with makeup. In a nutshell - yes. The Wants gives you a huge palette with 24 shades for less than $30.00. The amount of looks this can create is almost unlimited and for simple looks, it's really a no brainer. The majority of shades are buildable and most blend out well if you accidentally go in with too heavy a hand. The shades aren't crazy pigmented, which can intimidate both beginners and the casual makeup user. As someone with very pale skin it was a bit of a relief to not tiptoe around the shades and how much pigment was on my brush. Being buildable means just that. I could better control the depth of the shade on my eyes, which gave me better control of how it looked. I'm not sure how this would work if you have a deeper skin colour, but if you have fair to medium skin, I think it will work really well.

Again, if you're experienced with makeup and like playing with fun colours, shimmers, glitters and bold looks, this palette won't knock your socks off and it's not going to compare to a Natasha Denona palette, but it will give you a beautiful, simple look and a variety of colours to play with. If you're a beginner or a casual makeup user, I'd say go for it if you like the shades in the palette. Play around. Get to know how each shade works (again, some are much better than others). For the price of $29, I think this is worth it to have as a staple in your collection. If you want to add The Emily Edit - The Wants to your collection and you're in Canada, you can pick yours up HERE. Use coupon code ORABELREVOLUTION to save 10% on this palette and ALL Makeup Revolution products on orders over $50.!

Makeup Revolution The Emily Edits - The Wants palette review: 4/5

This post contains affiliate and monetized links. I link through to both good and bad products that I blog about. All opinions and reviews are honest and my own.

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