Review: Drugstore Showdown - NYX Can't Stop Won't Stop Foundation

The drugstore has been releasing a ton of full coverage matte foundations lately, so I thought I would put some of them to the test. This is usually the type of foundation I lean towards. My HG drugstore foundation is L'Oreal Infallible Pro Matte and I've been using it for a while, so I've been curious about what else might be out there. Seemed like a perfect time to check out a few new releases. Besides the NYX Can't Stop Won't Stop foundation, I also purchased the Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define foundation and Maybelline SuperStay foundation. I'll also be comparing and reviewing my all time drugstore favourite - L'Oreal Infallible Matte. I may add in more as we go depending on requests and new releases.

I was initially going to purchase this online, but they have 45 different shades. Kudos to NYX for having such a wide shade range, especially for being drugstore (higher end and luxury brands take note)! In the old days, I used to just be able to grab the lightest shade, but watching Youtube reviews and looking at swatches, I was actually worried that the lightest shade, which is aptly named, Pale, was too light for me. I kept going back and forth, so finally decided to venture in store and get shade matched.

Since our local store only had a partial selection of shades, I had to travel about 45 minutes to get to the nearest NYX store. They proceeded to try out a few of the lightest shades along my jawline, but rather than tell me what they think, I still had to pick out the shade I thought matched best. Turns out I was the third lightest shade, which has never actually happened before. My NYX Can't Stop Won't Stop match was Fair (1.5) which has neutral undertones. The foundation retails for $18.00 CDN or $15.00 US, which is pretty pricey for a drugstore foundation. I was really hoping this lived up to all the hype, especially for the cost.

Before we get into the application and review, lets go over the claims of this particular foundation. It's supposed to be a full coverage and highly pigmented formula that is lightweight, waterproof and matte. It claims to last 24 hours while controlling shine and not transferring. It has 1 fl. oz in a glass bottle with pump, which I really enjoy because it makes it easy to control how much foundation you're using and keeps the foundation sanitary.

Application went pretty well. I did have to blend this foundation out a bit more than I'm used to, but it seemed to blend in quite well. I used my favourite primer, beauty sponge, powder and spray because I know they work for me. The foundation looked great when it was finally blended and set. My skin looked even and smooth. I will give NYX was the best shade match I've ever had for foundation. It matched my skin perfectly.

That being said...two hours later I looked in the mirror and I was pretty horrified. The foundation had settled into fine lines I didn't even know I had. My eye area looked so bad, it aged me about 20 years. I had texture on my cheeks, which I actually don't have and my skin looked dried out. My husband even commented - it just looked that bad. I did leave this on all day still and oils started to come through. I thought that even though I was a little shiny, it might help the foundation look better, but it didn't. Is it possible to look oily and dry at the same time? Because I did. Plus every crack and crevice in my face was emphasized more than I had ever seen. This was just not the foundation for me.

I will say though...I was a trooper and tried this out a few more times still just to make sure I wasn't having a really off day. I tried it with different primers and powder and it still did the same thing on my face. I was quite disappointed and not only that, but the receipt said I couldn't bring the foundation back if it had been opened. Seriously, need an improvement on customer service if you're going to start charging higher prices.

Raving Redhead Rating: 1/5 - I only give this the one star because of the awesome colour match. This was a total fail for me on every other end.

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