Review: Too Faced The Sweet Smell of Christmas Mini Melted Liquid Lipstick Set

Too Faced is really hitting a home run with their Christmas line this year. Besides the Gingerbread Palette, the one that really stood out for me as a must have was their Sweet Smell of Christmas Mini Melted Liquid Lipstick Set. Not only was the packaging super cute, but it contained four mini lipsticks in limited edition shades for the holidays. The colours would be fabulous for most during the entire fall and holiday season, but these screamed out to me, because every shade looked perfect for my warm, Autumn toned colouring. I was a little hesitant on Sugar Cookie as I thought it might be so light that it washed me out, but it turned out to be one of my favourites and a go-to when I need a light nude (which is actually super hard for me to find, being so pale).

The four colours included are Pumpkin Spice, Sugar Cookie, Cinnamon Bear and Hot Buttered Rum. All of the shades are scented like their respective names and also taste like it too. Honestly, they had me at Pumpkin Spice, but I was curious how the rest of the colours would play out for me as well. Here's a quick breakdown of the four shades along with some swatches on pale skin:

Pumpkin Spice - like the name implies it has an orange vibe to it, but it's not a shocking bright orange. It's been toned down with a warm brown, which makes it very wearable. This smells just like Pumpkin Spice and has a yummy sweet taste to it as well.

Sugar Cookie - this is the lightest shade of the bunch and is a warm, light beige shade. As I mentioned, I thought this would completely wash me out from some of the pictures and swatches I saw, but it's my perfect light nude. If you're super pale, give this a try if you can still find it. I'm going to be sad when this one is finished. This has more of a vanilla type scent and taste to it.

Cinnamon Bear - I'll be honest...I don't wear a lot of reds, because it's hard to find a shade that's not too bright or too cool toned. This is a lovely warm, red shade with brick or copper undertones to it. It is still a bright colour on me, but it is wearable and perfect for the holidays or when I want bold, statement lips. The scent and taste of this remind me of the spicy cinnamon heart candies. Yum!

Hot Buttered Rum - I love this shade. I thought the Pumpkin Spice would be my go-to, but I actually reach for this one a little more. It's a warm, medium brown shade and it just fits with so many of my looks. It has a slight peach/orange undertone to it. The scent and taste of this is sweet and delicious, just like it's name.

I didn't comment on the coverage, application and wear of each individual shade, because I found they all had even, fully opaque coverage, from the lightest to the deepest shade. I could get an even application from one dip into the tube and I don't need a liner with these. I don't find the melted matte lipsticks to be overly drying. They're actually pretty comfortable for me to wear throughout the day. These last on me all day with the exception of when I eat something that's oily or greasy. With that, these will come off (as do most lipsticks). I do have a little gathering in the corners of my mouth if I wear these for over five or six hours, but for the most part the lipstick is still going strong.

With how easy these are to wear and the gorgeous, rich colours these have completely won me over. I reach for these all the time. I'm a little sad that these are limited edition because I'm not sure what I'm going to do when they run out. They are perfect for pale to medium toned skin, so if you're worrying the will be too dark, they aren't.

The mini lipsticks in this set have 3ml of product while the full size tubes have 7ml. A full sized lipstick will set you back $25 CDN, while the entire set of these minis was $32 CDN, so the value is definitely there considering you get four different shades to add to your collection. These sold out shortly after I purchased and I haven't seen them come back in stock, but if you're able to find these, I can't recommend them enough!

Raving Redhead Rating: 5/5

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