4 Looks 1 Palette: Revolution X The Emily Edit - The Wants

Since I spent some time trying out the different shades in the Revolution X The Emily Edit - The Wants palette to get a good idea of the application and wear time, I thought it would be a good idea to keep track of some of the looks I created to help inspire and show how versatile the palette can really be. Some shades performed better than others and some of these looks I liked a lot better than others, although you can read about that in my full review of the palette HERE. For now, let's get on to our first look.

I was really intrigued by the colour Cupcake, since I don't have anything like it in my collection. It's a soft, shimmery peach which may not seem like much in the photos, but you really need to see this colour in person and either swatched or on your eyeballs. It's really a pretty, unique colour and one of my favourites in the palette. It also makes for a lovely all day look. For the look:

Base: CREAM - I use this colour to set my primer and give myself a good base for every look.

Transition: MIDWEST - This is a perfect warm colour for me. Love it as an easy transition.

Crease & Outer Corner - LAUGHCRY - just to add a little more depth and tie in for CUPCAKE

Lid: CUPCAKE - applied with my finger. It works much better than a brush for this shade.

Outer Corner - I deepened with DUES PAID.

Brow Bone & Inner Corner - OH HEAVENS is a light shimmery shade for a hint of highlight

Liner - Instead of using an eyeliner, I lined my lid with APARTMENT.

Under Eye - MIDWEST under entire eye, LAUGHCRY closer to lash line with DUES PAID in outer corner.

For my second look I decided to go deep and warm. I focused on some of the warmer tones in the palette since this is something I would normally gravitate towards anyway.


Transition: MIDWEST - as I mentioned above. An easy, warm transition that goes with many looks.

Crease: DUES PAID - this required a little more blending for the crease. Build and blend.

Outer Corner and Outer Crease: CAPRICORN - this was a more difficult shade to work with. Lots of blending.

Lid: GOOD VIBES - the colour I was eager to use. I recommend using your finger or a wet brush to get the best payoff. Such a pretty colour.

Inner Corner - GRATEFUL - this is a light shimmery lime green, but it's subtle. Gave a nice pop especially when I used a golden olive eyeliner in my waterline.

Brow Bone - OH HEAVENS

Liner - I lined my lids with DARK & EARLY. This swatched a little patchy and not very black, but looked good on the eyes. I was a little surprised.

Under Eye - MIDWEST as a transition under entire eye. GOOD VIBES I used closer to the lash line and under entire eye as well. To deepen I used CAPRICORN on the outer 3/4 of the under eye and a little bit of DARK & EARLY to deepen the outer eye.

Since not all of the shades in the palette were my usual cup of tea, I had to step outside of my comfort zone to test out some of them. I decided to try out some of the cooler tones and go with pinks and burgundies. If you know me at all, you know I'm totally anti-pink. The colours don't suit me, but I did this all for you dear readers....Some of these deeper shades required extra building and blending. Just be aware...I wasn't happy with the way this turned out, but it could partially be because I wasn't used to working with these types of colours.


Transition: LAUGHCRY - this is more of a peachy tone, but still worked with the other colours.

Crease: LOVE TONS - this is a deep plum and I thought I could make this colour work for me. I really had to build this colour up. A lot. It takes some work to get it where you want it.

Inner Lid - PIZZAZZ - I had to wet this shimmer to get it to payoff. Pretty colour though.

Center Lid - HEARTBEAT - A bit deeper than PIZZAZZ. I wet this too for more payoff.

Outer Corner/Lid - PI PHI - I thought this plum purple would help tie it all together. Requires a little extra blending.

Liner - I used DARK & EARLY to line my lids.

Inner Corner - EVE ROSE - just to keep the pink/purple theme going.

Brow Bone - OH HEAVENS

Under Eye - LAUGHCRY as a transition under my entire eye. I went close to the lash line with LOVE TONS with PI PHI in the outer corner.

After the debacle that was the previous look, I decided to step back into my comfort zone. I had been testing quite a few things lately that had just been going wrong and I needed a good makeup day. I went back to a nice, warm Autumn inspired look.


Transition: MIDWEST - Oh how I loved this as a transition.

Crease/Outer Corner: DUES PAID to deepen and really set off the shimmer I wanted to use.

Lid: TOP STORY - I really wanted to use this colour as soon as I got the palette. It's a beautiful gold shimmer that I used wet on my lid.

Outer Corner - CAPRICORN to further deepen the corner and give the look some depth.

Liner - I lined my lids with APARTMENT

Inner Corner - to help make the gold pop, I used a bit of SIDE HUSTLE which is a khaki green with gold shimmer. I topped it with a little OH HEAVENS to lighten it up and really make it pop.

Brown Bone - OH HEAVENS

Under Eye - I used MIDWEST to line under my eye and then deepened the outer corner third with APARTMENT. I lined my waterline with NYX Golden Olive.

Just a couple of quick notes on the looks. Shimmers generally applied better either with the fingers or a wet brush. I find this true with most of Makeup Revolutions shimmers and even with many other palettes. The deeper colours I used as liners, worked well. No issues with them...I was kind of surprised actually. Oh Heavens is a pretty subtle highlight shade. If you want more pop, you may want to use a different highlight or go over top of this one. I like mine to pop a little bit more, but it could also be because I'm so pale. It may just not be the right shade for me. Every shade is different. Some blended out well and some require more work. Some shades need more building and a couple are just patchy and difficult. Most of them can create some very beautiful looks with a little work. Get to know the shades and the palette and see how they work and what goes together. This palette has a lot to offer in different looks, both simple and dramatic. Have fun with it! This palette is available in Canada (and the US as well) through Orabel.

This post is not sponsored, but it does contain monetized links. All opinions and views are my own.

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