January 2019 Empties - Buy or Bye

It's so hard to believe that January is already over. The month just seemed to fly by! That being said, I managed to finish off a few more products this month, so I thought I would pass along whether I liked them or not and if I think they're worth repurchasing.

Olay Cleansing Infusion Hydrating Body Wash with Deep Sea Kelp

I enjoy Olay Body washes and this was one I hadn't seen before, so I decided to give it a try. This lathers up nicely and leaves my skin feeling clean. The smell is kind of what you would imagine it would be with kelp in it, but it's not overwhelming at all and the fragrance doesn't last on the skin. It washes away well without feeling like it left any sort of film behind. I didn't feel like it left my skin any more hydrated than any of the other Olay body washes I've used, but it definitely didn't leave me feeling any drier either. My skin did feel nice, just not any better than the other types and scents from the same brand.

Would I buy again? Maybe. I might give this one more try. I feel like I may lean more towards a nicer scent, but I didn't hate this one. Olay body washes tend to go on sale quite a bit, so I grab this particular scent when they do. Full retail is only about $4.99 (and sale price can be about $2.99) so it won't break the bank.

Cake The 'Do Gooder' Volumizing Dry Shampoo

I actually received this in one of my monthly beauty subscriptions. I'm a big believer in the powers of dry shampoo and like trying out new ones to see which ones work better. First of all, the scent on this particular brand is amazing, as are most Cake products. If you don't like strong scents or sweet scents then this one isn't for you. I would rather have this particular sweet scent than something floral or perfumey. The spray on this is fairly aggressive, so short bursts and moving the can quickly works best. It goes on white, but it blends into the hair well and didn't leave it feeling sticky or goopy. It did give my hair a little volume boost as well, which is appreciated when you have thicker, heavy hair.

Would I buy again? Yes. It didn't bother my scalp and I like the scent and performance. The only thing tricky with this one is it's not readily available everywhere, but you can snag it online or at Shopper's Drug Mart.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Serum II

I actually received this sample to test out and review. This was a thicker feeling serum than what I normally use but it did spread well across my skin and it soaked in quickly without leaving a greasy or oily feeling on my skin. Initially I really liked this serum, but I eventually figured out that this was leading to breakouts on my face. I don't normally get large breakouts, but this one gave me a major breakout that took a long time to remedy.

Would I buy again? No. This serum is rather expensive and it made my skin breakout badly as well. Definitely not worth it for me.

Estee Lauder Revitalizing Supreme + Global Anti-Aging Cell Power Creme

I'm actually a fan of Estee Lauder skin products (with the exception of the serum I mentioned above). I use one of their other creams every night and have for a couple of years. This one smoothed over the skin like silk and absorbed quickly. This does have a pretty strong perfumey scent to it. I find a lot of high end or luxury skin care does. This left my skin feeling soft and hydrated. I can't say that it helped with any fine lines, wrinkles or any of the other claims. I received a deluxe size sample, but I can't tell if any of the claims are true after only using a product for a week or two. I can only mention initial impressions on it's use.

Would I buy again? No. This is expensive and while it smooths across the skin better than my regular Estee Lauder night cream it's also not worth the extra price tag. Additionally I find that the less expensive Estee Lauder cream I use also seems to work with my skin better, so I'm just going to stick with it.

Revlon Kiss Balm in Juicy Peach

This is another product that I received to try out. I've had the chance to use the entire lip balm. To be honest, I didn't care for this product too much in the beginning, but it's something that grew on me. It's a lightweight lip balm and the Juicy Peach scent has the lightest tint of colour. By lightest I mean barely noticeable on my pale skin, so for anyone with a deeper skin tone than me, this probably wouldn't be noticeable at all. The scent on this is actually pretty good and I didn't mind it, even though I'm not a huge fan of peach scents/tastes. Being a lighter balm, it doesn't last too long and needs to be reapplied often. It has a light hydration to it. Good for simple everyday use, but not if you have really chapped or dry lips.

Would I buy again? Yes. I'd actually like to try out some of the other scents/flavours. I use this before going out on a no-makeup day, but I don't use this at night. I use a heavier, more moisturizing lip balm then and also if my lips are particularly dry or chapped.

This post is not sponsored. It may contain monetized or affiliate links to products that I may or may not recommend. This does not affect my review of the product.


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