February 2019 Ipsy Glam Bag

February 2019 Ipsy Glam Bag

February's theme was 'Swoon So Hard' in honour of Valentine's Day. The little card included with the bag this month finally had a breakdown of all the products included in the bag. In the past, this wasn't done - I'm guessing because of the sheer amount of different products and different combos of bags there were. This does make me wonder if bags may become even less personalized since there will be a set amount of standard bags going out each month. I'm curious to see if I'll be able to notice a difference.

The February bag was fairly cute. It's a plastic feeling bag in light pink bag with hot pink kisses/lips all over it and a hot pink zipper pull. It's very suitable for February and fits the 'theme' of the month. Here are the products I received this month along with whether I think they fit my profile and reviews given.

Luxie Beauty 1010 Small Contour Brush

The first item was F.A.R.A.H Powder Brush (50F). I will say this about the brush - it's quite pretty and if you collect brushes, this would be a lovely addition. This brush is supposed to be suitable for powder, blush and bronzer - the latter which I was hoping to use it for. As pretty as this looks, I find the handle to be too light which makes it feel cheap. The bristles aren't packed enough and are fairly loose, so this is a pass for me when it comes to bronzer.

Profile: This fits my profile well. I ask for brushes and I rate them very highly every time I get them. I'm not a huge fan of this brand of brushes though - I find that although they're pretty, they feel cheap in quality.

Meech and Mia Eyeshadow in Taupe

Second I received a Meech and Mia eyeshadow in Taupe. I was initially really excited to receive this shadow. It was released in two shades and I was supposed to receive the shade Caramel, which is a beautiful honey gold colour that would have been perfect for me. I couldn't wait to try it out. I however received the wrong shade and was sent Taupe, which is too cool toned for my preference and frankly....kind of boring.

Profile: I have eye shadows on my profile, because I do love to receive them. Some of my favourite shades are little indie brand singles. I was excited for the colour I should have received, but this is a fail and a disappointment, especially considering how much I was looking forward to Caramel.

Illamasqua Colouring Eye Pencil in Honor

The third item in my bag were sheet masks from Sur.Medic+. I received two different types - Age control Multi Vita and Vital Collagen. The Collagen mask is supposed to plump, lift and help restore skin's elasticity while the Age Control mask is supposed to supply a healthy dose of vitamins to the skin. I love trying out sheet masks, so although I've never heard of this brand, I'm looking forward to giving them a try.

Profile: I don't have skin care on my profile and I'm usually not too happy to receive it as I prefer to get makeup in my glam bags, but if I do receive anything from this category, I like to receive sheet masks. Although this doesn't fit my profile exactly, I'm not mad at it. Not too excited, but these will get used up for sure and that's always a good thing.

Seraphine Botanicals Crystal + Chrome Loose Pigment in Smokey Quartz

My fourth item was a Pumpkin Walnut Facial Cleanser from Feel. I'm a huge fan of the Feel Charcoal Sheet Masks. They do amazing things for my skin. This cleanser from the same brand contains good things for your skin including zinc, vitamins A, C and E, pumpkin and essential fatty acids. The walnut comes in a form of a powder to help exfoliate the skin gently when you cleanse.

Profile: As I mentioned above...I don't have skin care on my profile at all. Feel is a great brand, but I'm not thrilled about receiving two skin care products in my bag this month. This is a big fail for me.

Sugar Cosmetics It's A-Pout Time! Vivid Lipstick in Better Call Salmon

The fifth item I received was an It's A-Pout Time! lipstick from Sugar Cosmetics in the shade Better Call Salmon (haha...I see what you did there). This rosy mauve shade is pretty and different from what I usually receive. It's not a colour that works for me, but it is different in a nice way and I'm sure someone else would really enjoy this.

Profile: I do have lipsticks on my profile although not this brand in particular. I don't mind receiving indie brands, but this shade just isn't for me and I've rated any type of pink or mauve shades badly, so I'm honestly kind of tired of receiving them (as pretty as they might be).

Overall, this month was not the best for me. I'll use the sheet masks, but that's about it. I was initially excited for the brush, but it's not up to par for my needs and just feels cheap. The eye shadow was a huge disappointment. That may have saved this bag for me because it was the perfect colour, but sending the wrong shade is just a big fail. Here's hoping next month is better...

Overall Score: 1/5

Rating 1/5 coffee cups

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