April and May 2019 Empties - Buy or Bye

Looking at the picture of my April and May empties it looks like I am finally getting a little better at finishing products off instead of hoarding them as they start to get low. That was a goal of mine this year and it's nice to see a bit of improvement. Still a little ways to go, but it's a step! I'm really trying to finish off some of my mainstream products like body washes and shampoos as I make the switch over to more natural products, which really helps too. Here are all my empties, what I thought of them since I had a chance to finish the entire container/package and if I think it's worth purchasing again!

Garnier SkinActive Micellar Water

This is one of my go-to products. I use this almost every day to give my face a quick and thorough clean. This doesn't irritate my skin or eyes, it removes makeup, it doesn't break me out or dry out my skin and it's not strongly scented. I do usually use a makeup wipe to remove the majority of my makeup, but I always either wash my face with a cleanser or micellar water afterwards to get the remaining traces and also remove any residue that may be left over from the wipe. This micellar water is a favourite because it works well for me and it's affordable.

Would I buy again? Yes. I already have a mini-stockpile because I lucked up and found some at the L'Oreal Warehouse sale, right after I had purchased a jumbo Costco sized one. I couldn't resist the amazing price, so I now I have a few bottles stashed away. You can normally find this for under $10 and it always goes on sale, so keep an eye out!

Olay Fresh Outlast Cooling White Strawberry & Mint Body Wash

I actually really enjoy Olay body washes. They are one of my favourites because they lather well, smell nice and leave my skin feeling moisturized better than many other brands. I do really enjoy the scent of this one too - I believe it may be second one of this particular scent. No complaints on this brand or the scent.

Would I buy again? Probably not. While Olay is usually my go-to body wash, I'm switching over to a more natural option and trying to finish off what I have on hand. That being said, if you love drug store body washes, this is one of the better options and is usually around $5-$6. I usually stock up when it goes on sale for $3 or $4.

Batiste Dry Shampoo - Original

I actually received both of these in a subscription box, which is nice. Batiste is one of my go-to brands for dry shampoo. They scents are pretty good, they spray nicely and blend into the hair pretty well. While I do have other brands I enjoy too, this one is usually in the mix.

Would I buy again? Yes. I usually luck up and get dry shampoo in subscription boxes or I find a really good deal. I have a few that I like to switch between and Batiste is one of them. A can is usually around $10 but again...it's one of those items that usually goes on sale or you can occasionally spot it at Costco or Winners/Marshalls for a deal.

The Solution Sheet Masks in Nourishing and Hydrating

I won an assortment of The Solution sheet masks as a prize in a raffle and this was my first experience trying them out. These are found at The Face Shop and there are many different varieties of them depending on what you want to target. I'm all about moisture right now, so I started off by trying the Nourishing mask and the Hydrating mask. These are very wet as are most sheet masks. I found the mask itself to fit my face a little weird. It's as if the eyes and mouth weren't quite large enough, so I had trouble getting it positioned so it was comfortable. My daughter on the other hand loves the fit more than any other mask, so I this is just a personal choice I guess depending on your face. The mask did stay on well though and my skin felt good afterwards - moisturized, hydrated and more glowy.

Would I buy again? Yes. I have a pretty good collection of masks right now, but I wouldn't have a problem with purchasing one of these if I needed a good mask. They're under $3 and if you don't have The Face Shop near you, you can also grab them at Shopper's.

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5

This is another go-to product of mine that I just always have on hand. I've mentioned this numerous times on the blog. Hyaluronic Acid is part of my morning and evening skincare routine to help my skin draw in moisture. I like that The Ordinary offers an affordable option at under $7.

Would I buy again? Absolutely! Already have a few stocked away so I don't run out!

Skintimate SkinTherapy Moisturizing Shave Gel

I'm honestly not too finicky on my shave gels. I buy a couple of different brands depending on which is on sale at the time and I also tend to try out different scents if they have them. I just usually tend to stick with a more moisturizing formula. The scent on this one was nice and it got the job done.

Would I buy again? Yes. I buy this brand all the time and I enjoyed the scent. It's about $5 but always goes on sale, so I tend to grab a couple when it does.

Biotherm Blue Therapy Red Algae Uplift Cream

I received this full sized tub of Biotherm to test out and I was pretty excited. I actually enjoyed using this and did notice some subtle differences in my skin, but after using it for several weeks, I realized that this just wasn't hydrating my skin at all. I actually had a makeup artist tell me that I needed more moisture in my skin and might want to add something more to hydrate. As heavy as this cream felt on my skin, I expected it to be more hydrating. I think however it's just due to all the silicones that are in this...I'm also questioning if my fine lines actually did improve or if the silicones in this just filled them in,much like some primers do. After learning that my skin was drying out using this, I did continue to use it in the mornings (along with Hyaluronic Acid and Polyglutamic Acid for moisture) and just used a heavier cream at night. I honestly just didn't want to waste this $89 cream and was determined to finish it!

Would I buy again? No. I was happy to be finished with it. While it did feel smoothing on the skin and I saw (maybe?) some subtle improvements, this just doesn't provide my skin with what it needs, so personally it's not worth the hefty $89 price tag for me.

Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Refining Moisture Cream Complex

This is the night cream I've been using for a couple of years now. I'll be honest...it smells like your grandmothers face cream, but to be honest, it just works for me. This gives me a nice boost of moisture at night and it doesn't cause any breakouts or irritation. Whenever I'm trying out a new product and it bothers my skin, I always return to this to get things back under control because I know my skin likes it.

Would I buy again? Yes. I have a stockpile of this too because I'm always afraid Costco will stop carrying out. I manage to get two full sized bottles for about $40, when one bottle of the same size sells at The Bay and other retailers for $72. If you can snag this at your Costco get it...it's well worth it.

Briogeo Rosarco Milk Reparative Leave-In Conditioning Spray

I received this sample sized Briogeo in my Ipsy bag. I had wanted to try the brand for a while, so I was glad to receive it. I actually really enjoyed this spray. I'm usually not too big into leave in conditioners because I find they have a tendency to make my hair go greasy fast, but this one was an exception. This spray left my hair soft and manageable and it has a really nice scent to it which I enjoyed. It wasn't overpowering by any means, just a really, clean, fresh scent that had me reaching for this every time I washed my hair. I love that this is a natural product as well.

Would I buy again? Yes. I do have another one of these, which I thankfully received in my Boxycharm, but once that is gone, I'm really hoping I can catch this on sale! A full size of this product is $26 at Sephora.

Tarte Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Finishing Powder

I purchased this sample size off of a friend and I loved it. I'm a fan of Tarte products in general, but this has just become my go-to powder. My makeup just looks better after I use this and it stays looking fresh for quite a while after application.

Would I buy again? Yes. I do have a bunch of mini's that stocked up on, but I love this powder so much I wouldn't have a problem purchasing the full size. This powder is $44 at Sephora.

Cake Heavy Cream Intensely Smoothing Body Butter Balm

I received a few of these in one of my Topbox Prive subscriptions. OMG...I am hooked. This butter balm smells heavenly - like a rich vanilla cake. Not only that, it just makes my skin feel so moisturized and hydrated too while sinking in quickly. It does feel greasy for just a minute, but it sinks in and just leaves moisturized skin that smells amazing. If you're not a fan of heavy scents, this isn't for you, but if you enjoy delicious scents...then get your hands on this.

Would I buy again? Yes. I still have a couple of tubes, but I'm a fan of Cake products and this butter balm is amazing. It's under $10 for a full size at Shoppers, which I think is pretty reasonable!

Carmex Classic Lip Balm

I'm always on the hunt for a good lip balm and I've tried almost everything. This winter, my lips were extremely dry and the balm I had found previously that worked well for me was discontinued. I picked up this one because it's been around forever, which I hoped translated into it being good. It's literally under $3 and surprise, surprise...it's actually good. I use this on my lips at night and it stays on for quite a while and helped my lips get back to their normal shape.I used this in combination with a lip oil, but at night, this was it. I also used it during the day just to moisturize, but I'm a fan. It doesn't have the best scent to it, but it works if you need an affordable option.

Would I buy again? Yes. I'm already on my second one! I also love that it doesn't have a ton of ingredients in it.

111Skin Space Defence Bright Eye Lift Gel

I received this sample size eye gel in my Ipsy Bag. Don't let the tiny size fool you though...it's worth more than any full sized drugstore eye cream considering the full sized version of this retails for $190.00 US!! On a positive note, I only needed the tiniest amount of this so it actually lasted me over a month. The gel glided across my under eyes and it felt really nice. Makeup worked well over top of it as well. I did enjoy this eye gel, but I'm not sure that I noticed any visible results...especially $190 worth of results.

Would I buy again? No. It was a nice eye gel and I enjoyed the way it felt under my eyes, but it's just way too expensive for my budget.

Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum

This is a night serum that contains an AHA/BHA blend, which is something that I usually enjoy. The serum spread nicely across the skin and absorbed quickly, especially under my usual moisturizer. There was no overpowering scent to it and I liked the way it felt on my skin. This is a sample packet, so I haven't tried it long enough to say if it had any effect. My initial impression is good - I didn't have any type of reaction to it and it felt good on my skin.

Would I buy again? Maybe...this is pricey at $118 at Sephora. It's an all natural product with no hinkey ingredients, so if I managed to find a deal on this, I would definitely scoop it up to try out a full sized product.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. Links listed may be affiliate links. It has no bearing on products I mention. Affiliate links provide a small commission off of each purchase, which enables me to invest back into my blog and purchase more products to review. All thoughts and opinions are my own....I tell it like it is.


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