Review: Vasanti BrightenUp! Exfoliator and Amplify Moisturizer

Do you exfoliate? That's one of the secrets in my skincare routine and one that I credit for healthier, younger looking skin. There are two different types you can use - a chemical exfoliant or a physical exfoliant such as the Vasanti Enzymatic Rejuvinator, which I'm going to be talking about today. I've been using the Vasanti BrightenUp! Exfoliator along with the Amplify Moisturizer and they've been doing great things for my skin. It's looked so healthy and just seems to glow. The exfoliator has papaya, aloe and natural microcrystals which feel gentle on the skin while still effectively removing dead skin and cleansing at the same time. This formula is so gentle, I can use it a few times a week to keep my skin soft and smooth. I've really never quite felt anything like the fine texture of this scrub. I think one of the important things to remember when using a physical exfoliant is to use very gentle pressure with your fingertips, go slow making gentle circular motions and only scrub for a minute or two. Even a gentle scrub can become aggressive if you use it that way and the last thing you want to do is cause damage to your skin. This particular exfoliant doubles as a cleanser and washes off easily leaving behind soft, smooth skin.

The BrightenUp! Amplify moisturizer is lightweight, yet really keeps my skin feeling moisturized and hydrated. It works well under makeup too. It contains aloe, Arbutin from Bear berry leaves and Vitamin C.

I'm actually surprised by how much my skin loves this moisturizer. I normally need a heavier cream, but even though this is lightweight it has been working for me. The scent is light and clean and it soaks into the skin quickly, with no heavy or greasy feeling. I especially love that both of these Vasanti products are made in Canada. I love supporting small Canadian businesses and when their products are this good, they should be shared!

These products are also cruelty free and don't contain any parabens or sulfates (it's 98% natural). Since I've been making the switch over to more natural products, I was so happy to see this. If you would like to check out Vasanti products, you can find them HERE.

Vasanti BrightenUp! Exfoliator and Amplify Moisturizer Rating: 5/5

Disclaimer: The products in this post were sent to me complimentary from the company. Links listed may be affiliate links. It has no bearing on products I mention. Affiliate links provide a small commission off of each purchase, which enables me to invest back into my blog and purchase more products to review. All thoughts and opinions are my own....I tell it like it is.

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