Review: Tarte Stay Spray Setting Spray

Tarte Stay Spray by the Ocean

I've had the chance to try out Tarte's new Stay Spray setting spray for half the summer now. I don't normally sweat much, so I wasn't sure how well I could test out the sweatproof and waterproof claims. Luckily a trip to Maine during a heat wave helped with that!

I've tested this under more normal summer conditions and while in Portland, Maine I put this to the test during an extremely hot, humid, sunny day during which I was exploring on the beaches, the lighthouses and climbing around on rocks. Needless to say, even though I don't normally sweat much, I was drenched and wiped my face more than once. I totally thought that my makeup was going to be a total disaster, but to my surprise, it looked really good and for the most part was still in place.

To break it down further, on a normal summer day my makeup stayed in place. I had no marks on my nose after wearing sunglasses for hours in the heat and sun, which was a win for me. As I mentioned...I don't really sweat much, so it didn't really put the claims to the test, but it worked out really well for me as my makeup looked fantastic throughout the day.

On the more extreme summer day with lots of humidity and sweating, I did have marks from my sunglasses when I removed them, but it did pat back into place nicely. This was the worst of it though, so I was happy with the way the setting spray performed. All my makeup still looked great with the exception of the eyeliner and shadows underneath my eyes. I'm really not sure though if I could count that against the setting spray. Since my eyes are obviously closed when I spray my face, I don't even think the spray touches that part of my makeup and for the most part, this was the only thing affected by the heat and sweat. The rest of my eyeshadow and liner looked perfect, as did my face makeup.

Tarte Stay Spray

As for the Stay Spray itself I'm honestly in love with it. The micro-fine mist on this is amazing. So light and fine with no large droplets. It's the best mister out of all my setting sprays. The scent is cucumber and aloe, which smells so good and is just plain refreshing on a hot summer day. On occasion, I spray my face, just because I enjoy the scent and mist. I don't find it overly mattifying or dewy upon application. If it leans one way or the other throughout the day, it does tend to get just a tad dewy - nothing outrageous just a natural dewiness throughout the day. While I haven't worn this for the full 16 hours it claims to last, I did wear it for 9 hours with great results. And in case you're wondering, it's also:

✔ cruelty free ✔ vegan ✔ gluten free ✔ sweatproof ✔ waterproof ✔ free of parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, triclosan and sodium lauryl sulfate

Overall, I'm thoroughly enjoying the Tarte Stay Spray. The mister is perfect, the scent is refreshing and it did an impressive job at keeping my makeup in place on a day where I thought it would literally just melt off my face. I'm not normally too impressed with a setting spray, but this one worked out well for me and I love reaching for it when I'm finished applying my makeup and occasionally throughout the day (even though I don't technically need it). Tarte Stay Spray retails for $25US or $30CA and you can find it on the Tarte website, HERE.

Tarte Stay Spray rating: 5/5

5/5 rating

Disclaimer: This product was provided to me complimentary from the company. This post is not sponsored. Links listed may be affiliate links. It has no bearing on products I mention. Affiliate links provide a small commission off of each purchase, which enables me to invest back into my blog and purchase more products to review. All thoughts and opinions are my own....I tell it like it is. I'm thinking about doing a fun video to test out the waterproof claim. What do you think? 😂😊💗

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