Boxycharm - October 2019

The October

Boxycharm theme for the month is Boxy After Dark, which was a fun premise for October and Halloween. I was kind of excited for this month because last year's 'Halloween' box was fitting and was a fun box with good products. I knew we had a Dose of Colors palette coming, which had me extra excited to see what was in my box. The variation I received was 18, which included the palette mentioned above, an Iconic London setting spray, a Hank & Henry mascara, a Mellow brow product and a Hollywood N Vine eyeliner. Besides the Dose of Colors palette, of which there were several variations, I'm not sure if there were any guaranteed products. There were a ton of variations this month as seen by my variation 18. I normally receive variation 1-3, so this was a big surprise to see. On to the product breakdown and reviews (where I'm able to). I'll try to include Canadian pricing for products if it's available, but many items we get are only sold in the US or they may be sizes/variations created just for Boxycharm.

The first item that I received was the Dose of Colors Sassy Siennas Eyeshadow Palette. I was thrilled to get this exact palette in my box. There were several variations being sent out and I was hoping to receive the Sassy Siennas variations because the peach, rust and sienna shades in this spoke to me the most. The palette itself is small and feels sturdy. It's shiny metallic and has a nice sized mirror and a dual ended brush included (which is fairly tiny and I probably won't use). It feels like it would be a good travel palette since it's on the smaller size. I'm can't wait to try out the shades in this and see what I can come up with, although the shades are all matte. I haven't done an all-matte look in a while, since I've really been into glitter and shimmer lately, so it will be fun to try out for Fall. Review coming soon on this palette! The Dose of Colors Sassy Siennas palette retails for $32 US.

Next in the box was the Iconic London Prep-Set-Glow. This claims to be a hydrating mist that refreshes with light-reflecting properties that leave the skin with a healthy glow. The spray can be used to prep the skin before applying makeup, set a finished look or add a radiant sheen to to a bare face or body. It contains extracts of cucumber and chamomile, antioxidants, green tea, caffeine and vitamin E. Iconic London is a brand I've been curious to try and this simply looks gorgeous in the bottle, although intimidating with the amount of sheen it has. I like the fact that it has so many good ingredients that will benefit my skin, so as long as it doesn't make me look super shiny or oily, I could see myself reaching for this often. The Iconic London Prep-Set-Glow retails for $29 US or $41 CA.

The third item was the Hank & Henry Slick With It Mascara Duo. Although Hank & Henry is a great brand, I was hoping not to receive this, just because I have so many mascaras as it is. This one does have two different wands though, which I appreciate. It has a normal sized wand for top lashes and a thinner wand designed to reach tiny bottom lashes. I don't have enough bottom lashes to even attempt to enhance, so I'm probably not going to even try this one and instead pass it on to someone that can use both sides.The Hank & Henry Slick With It Mascara Duo retails for $19 US.

Next was the Mellow Tinted Brow Gel. I was not only unimpressed that I received this in my box, but I was actually a bit upset. In the past we've received universal brow pencils (which normally don't work for me either, but they do fit a larger range of people), but this came in a dark brown shade. As a person with light blonde eyebrows and red hair, this is just a useless product and also goes against the beauty profile they had us fill out. I passed this along to one of my daughters that has dark brown hair, so hopefully it will at least get some use. The Mellow Tinted Brow Gel retails for $16 US.

Surprise, surprise, the next item I received was a Hollywood N Vine Velvety Touch Smooth Kohl Eyeliner. I received a black shade of course because what would Boxy be without a cheap, black eyeliner each month. one and just get a good drugstore lip liner - there are quite a few much better than this one.This is a huge eyeliner with very plain packaging. Similar to many you see at the local dollar store. I can't comment on the quality because I haven't tried it out yet. I'm most likely going to just put it in my box of Halloween makeup and try it out next year if needed. The Hollywood N Vine Kohl Eyeliner retails for $7 US.

The total value of October's Boxycharm is $103 US and approximately $140 CDN, which is lower than what the boxes are generally worth. It's still meets the $100 minimum which they guarantee.

Final verdict? 3.5/5

This month's box was hit and miss. I'm really happy to get the Dose of Colors palette and Iconic London Spray to try out, but the rest of the items are disappointing - especially the brow gel. I also find it odd that I can't locate a website for Hollywood N Vine Cosmetics anywhere to link to the eyeliner. They do have a newer Instagram page, but still no link to a website and not a lot of followers. It just seems a little sketchy to me. If you would like to subscribe to Boxycharm, there is currently NO waitlist. My link to sign up is:.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. Links listed may be affiliate links. It has no bearing on products I mention. Affiliate links provide a small commission off of each purchase, which enables me to invest back into my blog and purchase more products to review. All thoughts and opinions are my own....I tell it like it is.

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