Ciate London Marbled Light Blush Controversy

If you subscribe to Boxycharm, you may or not be aware of the controversy recently surrounding the Ciate London Marbled Light Illuminating Blusher. Some were quick to notice that the ingredients on the blushes that we received in our boxes did not match the ingredients on the Ciate or Sephora's website. Boxycharm underwent some heavy criticism which ranged from being accused of supplying fake products and knock offs to handing out sub-par products from what would normally be quality brands.

The thing that most people didn't take into consideration is Boxycharm has nothing to do with the ingredients in products. They are being supplied product direct from the brands themselves. And while the CEO of Boxycharm, Yosef Martin, did admit that they may ask for changes in packaging or the amount of product (I've had previous mentions of luxury/high end products being slightly smaller in our boxes - which I'm okay with) they do not ask for or condone a change in ingredients.

Here's the thing - brands want to be in subscription boxes to allow us to try out their products and also to get mentions and interactions on social media. It's a good way to get product into the hands of consumers, which are largely on social media, and get some buzz going. I'm sure some brands use this as an opportunity to purge less popular shades or discontinuing products, but it still has the same effect - their products are being posted and talked about on social media. Boxycharm isn't going to source fake product or knock offs to send to consumers. Not only is it bad business for them (and illegal), but the brands would very easily know it was happening.

What occurred with the Ciate Marbled Light Blushers was completely Ciate's responsibility. The description of the blush that was included stated that it was made with a talc-free formula. Ciate's website stated the same (as did another website named ASOS that sold the same blushes). The ingredient lists were posted with no talc ingredients shown, which varied from the packaging we received in our Boxycharm blushes, which clearly had talc as the second ingredient.

Not only was Boxycharm taking a lot of heat over this, but Ciate was as well and they seemed to largely be ignoring questions regarding this issue on social media. The ingredients on their blushes soon disappeared from their websites as well with still no answers.

Eventually, Ciate came forward and said their blush formula had changed but the website hadn't been updated yet. Personally, I don't find this okay. Talc is a very controversial ingredient in cosmetics and the beauty industry. My husband worked on a film titled Toxic Beauty, which looked into talc and other ingredients the largely unregulated beauty industry uses in their products. I know the risks involved with this product. Having a product specifically stating that it's talc-free and then including that as a main ingredient is not okay - even if it's for only a few days (and I believe it was probably much longer than that). Thankfully, this occurrence with Boxycharm possibly hastened the changes on all their formats.

Personally, I'm disappointed that Ciate changed what was once a completely talc free formula to include the ingredient. In my eyes, this is a backwards step for the company and for the product. I want to support companies and brands that are looking to eliminate controversial ingredients and make their products better. I want no part in the ones that are changing cleaner formulas to add cheaper ingredients with more risk. Especially the ones that build on initially being labelled as talc free and then quietly change the formula without being up front. That's my two cents on the issue. Hopefully if you were somewhat aware of this, it helped to clear things up and if you weren't, then hopefully it gave you something to think about.

xo. - Allyson

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